Actio Corporate Asset Advisors develop and implement creative real estate solutions to help clients maximize the value of corporate assets.­ Based in New York City, we offer clients across the nation a wealth of expertise, experience, and solutions in the corporate real estate arena.

Why should corporate leaders care about their real estate portfolio?

Often overlooked and undervalued, real estate is an essential factor in the corporate equation. When commercial acquisition, disposition, and transaction management are navigated in tandem with corporate strategy, scarce capital is no longer dedicated to unproductive assets, and breakthrough performance gains, significant cost savings, and tangible value can be found across the entire real estate lifecycle.

How does Actio help increase real estate-driven earnings?

Cost Savings and Occupancy Reduction Strategies: Actio benchmarks operating and occupancy metrics of corporate properties, resulting in commercial real estate management improvements that allow a company to reduce costs and redeploy capital previously dedicated to real estate.

Value Creation and Monetization of Real Estate Assets: Actio creates value by selling excess land, gaining additional development rights or entitlements for larger campus properties, and repositioning an asset for sale by changing its highest and best use.

Real Estate Portfolio Analysis: Actio develops portfolio improvement analyses that consist of financial models dedicated to analyzing real estate related costs and capital allocations. Based on the business conditions of a company, this analysis can help a company understand how efficiently capital is being used for land, plant, and equipment.

Post-Merger Integration of Real Estate Platform: Many mergers create an imbalance between the operational needs of the combined entities and the space available to meet those needs. An effective merger transaction requires that each company integrate assets and functions in a way that supports new corporate goals. Actio can analyze this process, helping a company meet its post-merger operating goals and generating significant value from its property holdings.

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Actio Locations