Actio Corporate Asset Advisors have years of experience and success in commercial real estate investment and transaction consulting. Our advisory services provide real estate solutions that yield breakthrough performance gains, significant cost savings, and real, tangible value.


Let Actio help your company unlock the hidden value, savings, and performance gains in its real estate portfolio. A portfolio improvement analysis can not only help a company understand how efficiently its capital is being used, but can help improve ROA and ROE and increase the net income of its real estate assets. Actio can:

  • Prepare real estate policies, standards, and guidelines for corporate assets
  • Prepare asset management training materials and conduct employee training
  • Prepare assessments and audits for corporate properties


Actio can help ensure that your company’s newest site is suited to its needs – and its budget. With services ranging from site selection and negotiation to facility development and property expansion, Actio works to make acquisitions a success in the long term. Utilize our expertise for:

  • Site selection and corporate acquisition
  • Real estate deal negotiation
  • Corporate transaction management and closing


With Actio’s expertise, companies can make and keep corporate real estate assets profitable. We help corporations navigate regulatory changes, shifts in corporate strategy, and under-scrutinized management strategies to keep facility costs low and increase net revenue. Using a number of tools, Actio helps companies address:

  • Business continuity issues related to commercial real estate management
  • Impact of regulatory changes on corporate real estate assets
  • Impact of changing strategic and operational imperatives on commercial assets


Property and real estate represent as much as a third of the assets in a typical corporate balance sheet. By uncovering undervalued assets in a company’s property portfolio, Actio finds opportunities to create value and generate financial flexibility. Typical services include:

  • Creation of commercial disposition plans for properties
  • Legacy project support for disposed corporate properties

Project Management

Property owners often underestimate the moving parts involved in commercial development and construction. Actio’s expertise guides your company through design and construction projects by identifying key milestones, ensuring projects stay on schedule and budget, guaranteeing that your goals and specifications are met, and accounting for any zoning or environmental challenges to be overcome. Services include:

  • Technical property review, zoning analysis, environmental research, and survey analysis
  • Ensuring property design goals are accomplished
  • Ensuring construction projects and timelines stay on budget