Major Technology Company



  • An 850,000 SF corporate campus in tertiary market
  • High carrying costs for the corporation
  • Pressure from the community to replace 2,000 jobs
  • Opposing solutions for the property between the corporation and community
  • Troubled image for the campus, on the market for 5 years


  • ACTIO was instrumental at aligning the vision of the community and corporation
  • ACTIO worked collaboratively with the community to address transformative opportunities for the site
  • The property was sold to the City of Loveland and will be the new Aerospace Clean Energy (ACE) Innovation Center that will generate several thousand jobs on the site and redefine the community
“I am thoroughly impressed with ACTIO’s ability to turn this tough sale around!! Since your arrival on this project, it took a dramatic turn around and now with an even more incredible outcome!”
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